Les portiques, Louis Grossard, 1925-1928, Paris

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Les portiques, Louis Grossard, 1925-1928, 144-150 avenue des Champs Elysées, 4 rue Arsène Houssaye, 21-22bis rue Lord Byron, Paris © Moreau-Gavot


‘Commerce is moving into quartier de l’Étoile, a district previously reserved for calm residences. […] While the layman who strolls through les Portiques, admiring the aesthetics of the production, may believe in the simplicity of the work, the initiate, on the other hand, at the slightest examination, realises its difficulty and the feat accomplished. […] The glass roof allows a gentle opaline clarity to filter through and, soon, the completed stores will bring a highly attractive Parisian note to this renovated fragment of antiquity. […] Once again, we cannot do enough to congratulate the promoters and builders of this structure, which enriches our beautiful capital and its finest district.’


Robert Caplain, ‘Les Portiques des Champs-Élysées’, in La construction moderne, Paris, Mai 1928, n°35, pp.409-419