Cimitero, Leonardo Savioli, 1975, Montecatini Alto

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Cimitero, Leonardo Savioli, 1967-1975, Montecatini Alto © Jan-Richard Kikkert


‘Recent trends in Italian architecture [are visible], on the one hand, in the renewed interest in all the problems of linguistics, in the study of aesthetics based on the theory of information and, on the other hand, in the recognition of the architectural work as being, above all, a production that makes demands on knowledge. […] The structure of the conception of a project […] consists in establishing a particular network of links between elements that are capable of influencing – in a particular direction – the stages of the opus we produce as architects. Relative to this function, every other aspect (stylistic, ideological, technical, economic, historical) is nothing more than material, although this aspect provides an orientation that is always particular – following the different historical levels emphasised – to the development of any architectural conception.’


Vittorio Gregotti, ‘Les nouvelles tendances de l’architecture italienne’, in L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, Paris, Septembre 1968, n° 139, pp.8-12