Creation of COSA

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Architectures are a reflection of societies. They embody their economies, their politics, their ideals, their doubts. They come in many flavours: radical, greedy, formal, private, rational, sensual, generous, authoritarian, strict… They are interesting in all their variety, provided that they are demanding on themselves.


COSA’s architecture’s inspiration is the Cartesian and the systematic. It seeks the purest equation between programme, structure and site. It denies itself arbitrary form, storytelling and the saviour illusion of problem-transcending design, instead pursuing geometric and constructional simplicity. Its quest is the pleasures of architecture: landscape, the passage of time, harmonious materials, beauty of implementation.


COSA’s architecture is clear and restrained, rigourous. COSA supports the idea that architecture needs to be simple in order to answer complex questions. COSA’s architecture looks for the programmatic frictions out of which new situations emerge, and their meanings in a globalised society.