156 housing units, Saint-Ouen

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The project draws upon the imagination of the territory: its industrial past, the Seine, the nearby castle of Saint-Ouen. Like the first US ‘tall office buildings’, with their steel structure and stone façades, it mixes classicism and modernism, tradition and modernity.


    To achieve legibility in the volumes and formal coherence with the neighbourhood scale, the project adopts a principle of composition divided between base, Piano Nobile and attic. The base demarcates public from private space. It houses a metro maintenance centre in which the high ceilings demanded by its functions generate interstices that are now filled with hallways, communal areas and two residential levels. On this artificial crest, the Piano Nobile is divided into two structures, extended by communal roof terraces punctuated with children’s play areas, a solarium and shared vegetable gardens. The attic, with its fragmented layout, intensifies the visual porosities and the relation to the landscape, completing a rectilinear facade design.


    Revisiting Art Deco compositions and picking up the rhythm of the structure, the pattern of windows/pier glass is unbroken by protrusions of any kind. Only the nature of the openings varies, between open loggias, single windows subtly shielded by their railings, or full-length French windows framing the vista over the city or the garden.
    The centre of the block is uncluttered, visible from the triple-height hallways. Extensively landscaped, it offers a diversity of pathways interspersed with areas for social exchange and encounter.
    The project develops to form not the expected U shape, but a single ring. The introduction of housing units to the south avoids the brutality of over-high construction at the prow of the complex and maximises the light reaching the core of the block, while breaking the dichotomy between front and rear facades and eschewing blind gable walls.


    The building thus acquires the identity of a structured urban block, in keeping with the other buildings in Saint-Ouen, housing mixed programs, moments of community life that enliven the communal distribution spaces and generous landscaped areas.


    Logis Transports

    ZAC des Docks, Saint-Ouen (93)

    € 15,74 M ex-Tax

    11 060 sqm SDP
    2 661 sqm outdoor

    Architects: COSA, Pourquoipas ! architectes
    Team: Noémie Marechal, Géraud Pin-Barras with Florian de Clercq, Ovidiu Gabor, Pauline Lefort
    Landscape architect: Bertand Paulet
    Structural engineering: Batiserf
    Fluids and thermal engineering, environmental approach: Nicolas Ingénieries
    Acoustics: Jean-Paul Lamoureux
    Economics: BMF

    Basic studies

    Competition 2015

    Construction of 156 housing units and outdoor areas, above the metro line 14 maintenance center
    BIM Level 2 project

    Patrimoine Habitat & Environnement Cerqual certification label
    Effinergie + certification label
    Rainwater recovery
    Photovoltaic panels