Family centre and creche, Pontoise

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The Cordeliers neighborhood in Pontoise is composed of large and introverted urban objects: high schools and colleges, cemeteries, playgrounds, housing estates, apartment blocks and shopping malls. At the heart of the neighborhood is a modest building that hosts a community and childcare centre. The objective of the project is to replace this with a dedicated children’s centre that will become the heart of the district, a landmark and a meeting place.


    The three main programmatic entities constitute three distinct spaces.
    The family centre forms a ring around a double-height atrium, whereas the successive childcare units are aligned along an interior street and open onto the garden and the park. Finally, the administrative and technical section forms the boundary of a patio set aside for toddlers.
    Streets, squares, interior passages and patios create a series of micro landscapes within the complex, providing a proliferation of light sources, uses and atmospheres, and performing multiple roles: sociability, movement, organisation, separation of programmes, play, the pleasure of private landscapes.


    The centre and creche form a small community in which the different functions are unified by an outer wall and a colour, minimal methods dictated by a minimal budget.


    Ville de Pontoise

    Rue Rodin, Pontoise (95)

    € 2,26 M ex-Tax

    574 sqm demolition
    1 015 sqm SDP construction
    452 sqm outdoor

    Architect: COSA
    Team: Florian de Clercq with Charlotte Ferreux
    Structural engineering: BSO
    Fluids engineering: CTH
    Economics: BMF

    Basic studies + partial execution studies

    Competition 2015


    Renovation and construction of a family centre and creche including reception, activity areas, offices, support functions; a 45 cribs creche; 18 car park lots and the partial demolition of the current family and childcare center


    BIM Level 1 project